A Bit of Shared Amazingness

Sometimes there is just so much amazingness going on in the world that one Facebook post won't cover it.

I am honored to have developed friendships over my years online, and to watch as those people I admire find and re-find their paths...and share their insights with the world.  Sometimes I am a part of that journey; sometimes, I just delight in watching it happen.

There are a few such goings-on that I feel called to share with you....and actually, I've limited it to just 3 below.  (I'll be sharing more soon, but you can also keep up-to-date by following me on Facebook.)

If you resonate with the messages of BeingBreath, chances are, you will be delighted by one or more of these paths as well.

Aarathi Selvan: Happiness Is Your Nature (e-course)


Happiness is your Nature: 30 days to a Joyful Motherhood is a potentially life-changing course, designed to help most for mothers of newborns, toddlers, and pre-teens.  I don't say "potentially life-changing" lightly.

Aarathi, a mindful mother herself, has tapped into ways of moving beyond the guilt and into the wonder of motherhood.  Her professional training (as a licensed psychotherapist) plus her insights from her mindfully-lived day-to-day has given her amazing insights that she offers bountifully through this course.  

I have had the pleasure of knowing her online for quite some time, and, thanks to technology, speaking live with this beautiful soul who lives across the ocean.  Her presence is inspiring - she honestly is the Real Deal.  I find great value in knowing that anything I absorb - be it through an online course, a book, or an in-person teaching - is offered from the heart.  I can say with 100% confidence that what you will learn in this course comes from the heart of a woman who practices what she preaches.  

This e-course includes emails, journal prompts, recorded meditations, interviews with mindful moms from across the globe, worksheets, and more.

I am a contributor to this e-course - and what I have to offer is a reflection of both my and Aarathi's paths as mindful moms.  The interview / conversation we had still makes me smile when I think about it.  When two women, two mothers, come together to talk about the practical ins-and-outs of daily life and how mindfulness and presence interact with that?  The results are powerful.

Registration is now open - learn more by clicking HERE.

Hali Karla: Spectrum (online workshop)


I honestly don't even know where to begin.  When I was asked to be a contributing teacher for Hali's online workshop, I eagerly said YES - because I know Hali, and I know that I resonate with the work she does in the world.

I had no idea the power of Hali's vision and what this workshop would turn into.

Spectrum is an online workshop, starting in March 2014, that focuses on holistic visual journaling - the creative process alongside the body, mind, and spirit.  There will be months (TEN months!) worth of different themes, with many talented teachers offering classes in each of those months.  Videos, PDFs - you get it all.  But the format isn't what excites me most: it's the seemingly endless inspirational content.

My class - just one of many - is titled, "Finding Flow" - and will appear in the month for the theme of, "Inspiration".  In my class, we'll delve into the breath, how it relates to inspiration, and practical tools you can use as "anchor practices" and integrated throughout your daily life to bring you into a more mindful flow with Your Life - As it is.  

And may I remind you - this is just ONE class to which you'll have access.  

I promise you - even if I weren't teaching, I'd be signing up for this workshop.  I am SO EXCITED to learn from the other wise teachers!

You can learn more and sign up for Spectrum HERE.

Heather Plett: Pathfinder Journal (bound journal)


I've known Heather as an online acquaintance for a few years now, and continue to be amazed by the heart-driven work she puts into this world.  Heather is one to acknowledge, to feel, and to honestly share what she discovers within with the world.  In so doing, she helps others in ways that little else can - she offers not only a possible path, but gentle encouragement and insight into the self.  

From mandalas to women's circles to online writing and courses, Heather's work has spanned a broad range of creative paths...and now she brings her wisdom into a beautiful bound journal.

The Pathfinder Journal is packed full of journal prompts juicy journal prompts and creative exercises, and, as Heather describes it, helps you "find your way to the places where your heart wants to take you".

You can purchase your very own journal HERE.

(As a fascinating bonus, Heather asked several people, myself included, "Who or what helped you find your path to the work of your heart?"  You can read my answer, along with many other truly insightful and moving responses, HERE


These are but a few of the many people I am honored to know, and the amazing work they are offering to the world.

I know they aren't alone.

Share with me: What else is inspiring you these days?  Do you have something to offer?  Know of someone or something you want to share that might resonate with fellow BeingBreath readers?  Leave a comment and let me know!