A Creative Moment

Sitting at the computer, working my way through emails and websites and inspiration, I saw my fingers reaching for a pencil.

Intrigued, I moved my other hand to grab my art journal and allowed them to meet in my lap.

For the next 5 minutes, I sketched.  I had no purpose, no goal - just remaining open to something that called me to this page and this moment.

What arose fascinates me.  She may not be technically "perfect" but that barely enters my consciousness right now.  

What intrigues me is the look she gives me.  That "I" created her...and she returns the favor by staring back at me and inviting me to remain open so that she may continue to create me.  Such is the beautiful exchange that occurs when we allow ourselves to open up into the moment and beyond our stories of what should be done.


Isn't that which we tap into, that creative flow, simply magical??

Allow yourself to be swept away.


Lisa Wilson5 Comments