A Good Day


 What type of world does she observe?

What type of world will she observe tomorrow?


In so many ways, this is why I do what I do.


"...the crises we face on many fronts are symptomatic of a deeper problem, with more potential repercussions that those of any single cataclysmic event.  They are simply a measure of the vast disparity between our defining of ourselves and our truest essence.  For hundreds of years, we have acted against nature by ignoring our essential connectedness and defining ourselves as separate from our world.  We've reached the point that we can no longer live according to this false view of who we really are.  What's ending is the story we've been told up until now about who we are and how we're supposed to live - and in this ending lies the only path to a better future."

  -Lynne McTaggart (No such thing as a thing, ODE magazine, Aug 2011)  (bold accents are my own)


Every morning I wake with infinite possibilities of what to do with my day.

The good days are the ones where, instead of feeling overwhelmed by a schedule and have-to's and the negative news with which I am barraged, I simply take a breath and connect.

I remember that I am a leader on this path to a better future - for my children and for all of us. 

I remember that I have a responsibility - a joyous if not challenging responsibility - to acknowledge, explore, and experience this powerful connection and to invite you to do the same.

I remember that driving my daughter to school, picking up the dirty clothes left on the floor, brushing my hair, letting the dog outside, creating art, talking with others, ...they are all opportunities to connect, all new beginnings holding potential for remembring that deeper peaceful spirit that flows in every moment.


Today's a good day.

I hope you are having the same.