A Guest Post and a Secret Shared!

A quick pop-in in the midst of our celebratory weekend so I can share two HUGE announcments:



I am thrilled to be participating in Jeniffer Hutchins' Inspiring Artist series!!

My post is up today on her beautiful site, JoyfulArts Studio.  I share everything from how I define art (hint: "expression of experience....") to creative living tips to what I have going on.

Check it out here!!!



Sometimes there is more to be discovered than first realized.  When beautiful souls come together and share their wisdom, at first it seems like a wonderful opportunity for information to be shared, taught, and learned.

And sometimes, it is so much more than that.

It is an invitation to step into a space where learning goes beyond the lessons that are shared.  Where information leads to a bit of reflection, opening into greater self-awareness...and blossoming possibilities. 

This is exactly what has happened over at 21 Secrets. 


Opportunities like this are not to be taken lightly. 


That is why registration for 21 Secrets will now remain open until October 1st, 2011 and the classes will remain open until January 1st, 2012!

The participants and teachers alike in 21 Secrets have found that the classes being offered have opened up so much more beyond art journaling - that we are all being led into fascinating adventures on and off the page.

Remember, 21 Secrets is an online, work-at-your-own-pace journey filled with 21 different classes, plenty of techniques and wisdom.  Teachers will be adding even more value - including more videos - now that the deadlines have been extended!!

Registration will be open longer to allow more people to take advantage of these opportunities as it becomes more and more clear of the broad nature of what is being offered.

Classes will stay open longer to allow all of us more time to fully delve into the techniques and wisdom.

I am CONSTANTLY in AWE of what is happening at YOGA+ART as well as the other classes.  I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity - these opportunities

If you are not sure or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me or check out more here.  I will be happy to be as honest as possible as to whether or not I feel it is a good match for you.  (As much as I promote this, if it is NOT for you I don't want you spending your money and putting your energy into it!  It is harmful for you and for me (for recommending something that isn't a good fit).



We are off to continue our Memorial Day weekend reflections and celebrations as I hope all of you are doing (no matter the subject of your reflections and celebrations!).


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