A Magical Reality

A special thank you to those who shared well wishes in regards to yesterday's announcement!

I desire to live a magical life.

I'm tired of this one of angry drivers, sleep-walking workers, concrete jungles, hopeless and negative thoughts tossed out of mouths as carelessly as trash tossed into a "disappearing place".

Awhile ago, I was fortunate to connect with soul who lives in and creates from a magical world.  And yesterday, I received a gift I was fortunate to win from her, one that reminded me of this life that calls to me.  (See more gorgeous photos on her blog here:)



Eden Clare, whose words flow like a glittering stream in a dark forest, has given me a beautiful expression of her spirit and has reminded me....


Reminded me that those angry drivers are simply harried wizards whose spell sits miles away and they are simply rushing to ensure the potion does not spoil before they arrive.  Frustrated as I may be, I will let them pass with a smile...and a wish that they find what they need when they arrive.

Reminded me that those sleep-walking workers are beautiful princesses (and princes) waiting to be kissed and to awaken to the fantastical world that surrounds them.  Instead of lamenting on how lost they are, I put on my lip gloss and pucker up.

Reminded me that those concrete jungles are playlands where textures reach out to my finger tips and soaring architecture points to stories of the artists who designed them.  I do not feel lost in the city - I giggle with the creatures seen and unseen who frolic in the shifting cracks.

Reminded me that thoughts and words and trash may be tossed carelessly but only by those who are struggling upstream and do not notice where their lost items end up ...in the same place that they eventually will.  In my magical perspective, I am invited to take their hand and invite them to flow, to turn and enter into the cooling stream of life.


Entering a world of magic is not ignoring the "real" world around us.  It is simply a change of perspective.  

Today, I will play in my magical world.  The jeans left in the washer too long, the grocery shopping that needs done, the garage overflowing with clutter...can you hear the soft grasses blowing and fairies giggling?



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