A Rest

Just a quick note to let you know today is a rest day.


I haven't forgotten about all of you...in fact, knowing you are out there living your own lives, peeking in every now and then to see how mine is going, is quite encouraging.

But today - although I have plenty to share - I need to rest.

Sometimes, we all must rest - without apology, without feeling like we are running from anything nor shirking responsibility.  It is our responsibility - as friends, parents, children, co-workers, employers or employees, and indeed, humans - to take care of ourselves.  Though we tend to forget that in our do, Do, DO society, rest is a critical and LARGE part of that.

I hope to be back tomorrow, sharing photos and chatting about wisdom and 21 Secrets...but for now, I slip away from the computer.

So today, as I quietly go about my day, I send wishes that you are finding some stillness in yours.


Lisa Wilson1 Comment