A With This Breath BONUS



The next 3 people to sign up for WITH THIS BREATH will receive a free copy of "Summer Lovin' - A Mindfulness Journal" from Heather Plett..... to download and print RIGHT NOW!


I have long admired Heather's work in this world, and have been an avid follower and supporter of her journey. Imagine how delighted I was when she created and released this mindfulness journal recently!

I knew you would love it too.

SIXTY mindfulness prompts and space to reflect upon and write about each one... what better jumpstart to accompany the WITH THIS BREATH journey?

And those who sign up now will still get the early-bird rate for WITH THIS BREATH!

Learn more about Heather's wise views and world work, as well as the Summer Lovin' - A Mindfulness Journal HERE.

Learn more and sign up for WITH THIS BREATH by clicking HERE !

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