Acknowledging All

Yesterday I posted on Facebook, 

"Today I have been stretched like taffy, pulled between two emotional extremes. 
Now there is nothing left but a gooey putty that I can mold as I choose.
Let the creating commence."


Such is the molding of life.

I want to share both stories with you, both extremes that pulled my insides into unrecognizable mush.  One I am happy to share.  The other...for the other, I am still finding the words.

Allow me to share how my day began, where the taffy machine started to pull:

Skinny Artist (Drew) comes up with a "21 Artists to Watch" list at the beginning of each year.  I love these lists because they are a fascinating introduction to a wide range of creative souls.  Not only are there links, but descriptions provided under each artist that are hand crafted by Drew.  They are beautiful and worth reading for their own regard.

So you can imagine why I (and forgive me for) choking a bit on my iced tea when I scrolled down and saw my own face staring back at me.  It took a minute to sink in, to realize:


I had been chosen as one of the 21 Artists to Watch in 2012.


I still can't find all of the words to express how honored I am.

Perhaps best of all?  Drew's words.  His description of who he sees when he reads my words makes my heart cry "YES"!  He holds a gold-gilded and jewel-lined mirror up and says, "Look".  My mind wants to look away.  My spirit bows to itself.

It makes me want to celebrate that person.

Part of what Drew wrote: 

"You see Lisa is not holding herself up as the perfect example, she is only recording her own efforts toward this ideal. It’s not about pursuing perfection, it’s more about being aware, being present in the moment, and striving towards right action."

(I still have tears in my eyes.  Please go HERE to read the rest.  See me in a way I haven't even been able to see myself.)


I cannot encourage you enough to visit the list, to spend time getting to know each of the artists listed there.  They are worth knowing.  

On a related but unrelated note, I also encourage you to sign up for Drew's mailing list.  The "Skinny School Series" is packed full with valuable information!  (Again - I don't recommend what I haven't tried.  I've gotten the emails.  I loved them.)

I will be back to share the stories on the other end of my life.  They too are important to acknowledge.


For now, I continue on with my day with a heart overflowing with gratitude.

May you feel the same.



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