Add The Orange Licorice


Yesterday for my son's birthday, we went to an ice cream store where you pick your toppings from two WALLS of candy.  

This is what my son put together.

(You pay by the weight so I limit them to two toppings; otherwise, I'm sure it would have looked even more colorful.)


This definitely isn't what I would have chosen.  And I'm not sure any ice cream store would sell "birthday-cake-flavored-ice-cream-with-jelly-bean-and-orange-licorice-topping" on their menu.

But he saw his options.  He made his choices.  He delighted in the rewards.


We too have walls of options from which to choose - limitless paths to follow every moment.  

Sometimes we fail to see all of our options because of our should-blinders.  (This is how it should look, how I should do this, how life should be, how I should feel.)  

Sometimes we don't even know all of our options.  We make our choices from the few bins in front of us and call it a life lived.  


We don't realize it can be oh-so-much-more-delicious if we would just consider adding the orange licorice.


Just for today, throw in a couple of unexpected treats.  

Enjoy every bite.



Lisa Wilson6 Comments