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So many deep thoughts and realizations to share...but I want to celebrate a bit more.

21 Secrets opened yesterday!  Oh my goodness the energy over there is amazing as people start flooding into the classrooms (over 300 people at this point!).

(By the way, it's not too late to join in...the classes are work at your own pace, online, and open through July!)

As part of the celebration, a few teachers decided to do a blog roll.  To be honest, I’ve never done one of these before – but any chance to further connect with these amazing people is one I’m going to take!

I get to celebrate Jeniffer Hutchins and Connie Hozvicka!

I’m tripping over my thoughts already, trying to decide how in the world to introduce these two amazing women.  Have you ever tried to describe people you admire?  It is a fine line between an over-gushy spewing of words and dry acknowledgement that captures nothing of their spirit.

Jeniffer Hutchins: JoyfulArts Studio 

Jeniffer is an artist, teacher, entrepreneur, mommy and all around inspiring person.  She has a rich background in the arts, having taught at such places as the San Diego Museum of Art as well as having her own creations in solo and juried exhibitions!  (It's not surprising as her beautiful personality just oozes through everything she does.  Example?  Check out her recent blog post on a painting she completed...and feel the smile through the breeze!!)

She has created an amazing array on her website including photos of her artwork (from paintings to collage to photography).  Check those out here.

She also leads an impressive line-up of courses, including a FREE online course for journaling, another online course that takes you even deeper into the process, and several classes in NC.  (Does she sleep?!)

Interested in knowing more about her?  She runs a series on her blog called "Inspiring Artists" - and she recently answered the questions she asks of the artists.  Check out her inspiring answers here!  (One of her responses??  "...move forward no matter how crazy it might seem. I really believe the best acts of creativity lie hidden within that craziness."  Is she not awesome??)

Jeniffer is teaching a class over at 21 Secrets called Emotional Evolution.  She has included a beautiful step-by-step PDF and videos that lead you through your inner world, reminding us that "You have the power in each moment to change your life."

Savor that......., then go check her out at


Connie Hozvicka: Dirty Footprints Studio


And Connie?  Oh my.  Connie is the brilliant leader behind and creator of the entire 21 Secrets WorkshopShe is indeed living art. 

Connie has had many stories in her lifetime.  The most recent ones have led her on an adventure of discovery and self-awareness.  A bit over a year ago Connie left her teaching job and bravely set out on the journey of owning and operating her business, Dirty Footprints Studio

Connie leads journeys of Fearless Painting (TM) that take you onto and far deeper than the canvas.  (I can personally attest - I've been there, done that.)  From BIG, an online class that starts you on the journey using paints and self-expression, to DEEP, which takes you DEEPer into your life than most have been through a fascinating process of paint and reflection, Connie's classes are truly life-changing experiences.

I'm honored to be attending Total Alignment, her retreat in the fall that combines the Fearless Painting (TM) process with yoga, hiking, and connection....yay!  (Interested?  There's already a waiting list forming for the next one!!)

Connie knows herself and boldly and honestly shares that self with others through her blog, her art, and her classes.  (Check out her about page to see what I mean.)  She has recently taken on adventures with her Big Girl Camera...the results are a fascinating peek into how she sees the world.  AND she is going through a yoga teacher training program, documenting the very deep and soul-touching process online through her Yoga Journey.

I could go on and on about Connie but it would border on the verge of that over-gushiness.  

On top of creating 21 Secrets, she is also teaching a class in 21 Secrets titled Abstract Adventure.  It is a perfect opportunity to dip into the Fearless Painting process for those who haven't had a chance to experience it...and her mesmerizing teaching style!

Learn more about Connie and all I can't go on about here at Dirty Footprints Studio.


Remember, it isn't too late to sign up for 21 Secrets!  These 2 artists and SEVERAL amazing other women are teaching not only processes for journaling, but offering information on self-exploration, product suggestion, and fun techniques you may not hear anywhere else.  (Not to mention a bit of movement through my class, YOGA+ART: Journaling Into Awareness!)

I'm off to continue celebrating our daughter's birthday...and will be back soon to share so much more awareness.

Until then,


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