As I Remember

In Memory

As I Remember, 6" x 6", Encaustic and Oil on wood panel (burned with torch)


As I remember, my heart starts to burn.

The water blazes down my cheek with a hiss.

As I remember, it used to be warm.

His arms .... his love.

As I remember, my throat tightens up.

Blackened whisps of painful memories choking...

As I remember, 

I burst into flames.


Heart racing, I watch myself disintegrate.

Nothing left but ashes, stirred by the breath that continues.

My breath.


I remember.



I re turn to face what was.


I re turn to face what is.



I turn and turn and turn and swirl the ashes

back into 





I stoke the fire.




In memory and in honor of my father, G Stephen Johnson, who took his life 6 years ago on this date.  

 May those who knew him know peace.

 May we remember.

May we all keep the fires burning.

Inhale.  Exhale.