Awareness and Success

How big is your awareness?

It is a question vital to our vitality.


Arizona, 2011. Lisa R Wilson

And when it comes to SUCCESS?  How broad are you willing to see?

Often we look for immediate results.  ("Immediate" being the hours following a product's launch, the week after we start exercising, the days following the listing for our newly finished piece of art.)  We are taught that hard work produces results.  So we sweat and stay up late and dream of that time when that success will arrive.

And when we reach that pinnacle, we hold our breath and wait.  We wait for someone else, or some sales page, to tell us: is it successful?  Are we successful?

If our expected response doesn't arrive, slowly we exhale - still filled with hope.  Then, within a few hours or a few days or a few weeks, our exhale is complete, our breath is gone and we remain, deflated.  We must have failed.


Perhaps next time, we could broaden our view.

We could open our awareness in time, and realize that perhaps this was simply one step in a much bigger success that is headed our way.  It isn't a failure - it is a successful step.

Or, we could open our awareness beyond expectation.  We could simply stand on that peak, inhale the crisp air deep into our lungs, and exhale through a smile.  

We are here.  Success.