Begin Tomorrow Tonight

Something to consider as the day blazes on...


What if we considered our "day" starting at night, when we snuggled into bed?

What if our rest, our dreams, our quality of sleep was meant to set the stage for the performance of the day?  Those hours were the prep, the dress-rehearsal, the pre-write....not the plop-into-exhaustion finale of an otherwise mediocre run of hours.

What if our dreams were ways to explore other realms of reality, other possibilities?  When we woke, it was our responsibility to then choose which possibilities we make real.



I find myself all too often taking sleep as an "extra".  It is something I do because I have to, something that gets sacrificed if there is something else to be done.  I highly value those hours in bed, but I have a feeling I am overlooking their true worth.  

The scientific findings of needing so many hours of sleep at night trivialize the value of those hours, reducing them to a timed event.  Yes, the body does need its rest.  But sleep is so much more than that.  It is our invitation to rest, quiet, and space that we ignore during the day.  It is forced solitude where we are alone with the imagination in all of its splendor.  

It is connection with ourself.  And we get to experience this every single night.


Tonight, I invite us to slow from our day with a mindfully-eaten dinner, a sensory exploration of taste and temperature as we brush our teeth, perhaps a few minutes of meditation.  I invite us to begin our tomorrow as our eyes close into slumber.

And in that realm of illogical possibilities, may we find the truths hidden to us during the day and bring those to light through our waking hours.