The final piece, created whim-by-whim, ignoring every rule I know about combining materials.  Sharpie, encaustic (beeswax), oil paints, and acrylic paints on acrylic-gessoed muslin.  (See in progress pictures at the Being Breath Facebook Page)


Sometimes, you just need to begin.

You can't worry about where you are headed.

You musn't fret over what else needs to be done.

You shouldn't think about what this action means in your life and its spiritual significance and what the alignment of the planets says about it.

You can't focus on what will result and how you will market it or clean it up or fix it if it all falls apart.

You don't want to think too much at all, actually.


Sometimes, you just need to step outside of your thoughts, and simply move.

It might mean going for a run when its raining outside.  (It might mean just dancing in that rain.)  It might mean wearing that favorite-but-never-worn bright pink hat to the groccery store.  It might mean picking up a paint brush or a turquoise colored pencil and making lines and shapes and random blobs.


Sometimes, you need to let go of the shoulds and the expectations and the fears.



Is this now time your sometime?