Believe it.

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What we don't believe, we dismiss.  What we don't consider a part of our reality, we ignore.

 Think about it.


If you don't believe in UFOs or Sasquatch, you aren't looking up or going on a hike to find one.

If you don't think you can run a 5K, or perhaps that you don't think you'd enjoy that, you don't run.

If you don't think that other person is a "good" person at heart, you treat them as "bad".

If you don't think you are creative, you dismiss opportunities to create.

If you don't believe we are all one, you ignore or dismiss "them" in favor of "us".

This is just one reason I always stress beginning with awareness:  What we don't believe possible, we don't allow into our experience.

The more we broaden our awareness, the more we understand that everything is possible.  Through our thoughts, our action, our Karma - we make some things more probable.  

Untitled, 12 X 12 on paper, mixed media

(I have no idea from where this came.  It was color, shapes emerging...and then what you see before you.  This is me getting out of my own way.)

My art, being an expression of my experience, continues to explore the possible.  I'm not interested in making things too real or too abstract (yes,... too abstract) -- or even necessarily "surreal".  Doing so assumes A reality.  I'm just interested in expressing mine.  As a t.v. figure likes to wear on his shirt, "I reject your reality and substitute my own". Or, perhaps more motivating, ...

Faith precedes the miracle.

~from Voyage of the Unicorn


Whether it is fear, shoulds, childhood memories or future worries, bills, health, others or yourself - try taking a look at those things that you are trying to dismiss from your reality.  Instead, try believing thateven with those parts of your life, anything is possible.  Believe it.

Now go.


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