Breaking News: The Spot Has Been Found!

This isn't for the squeamish.

Today we are going to bring to light something that has stayed hush-hush for too long.

Its existence has been debated by many, but there is finally enough proof to put this argument to rest.  Denying it any longer is only causing us all a great deal of suffering.

It is time to admit: The  WHEE-Spot is real.

Like its counterpart, the elusive and also hotly-debated G-Spot, the WHEE-Spot creates immense release of pressure and limitless enjoyment.

Researchers have been trying to track down the location of this mysterious spot for decades.  Thanks to joint efforts by thousands at meditation centers around the globe and millions who have stumbled into random, unexpected moments of blissful WHEE, the general consensus is that the location of the WHEE-Spot has finally been found.

According to scientists,

"We spent years looking at data points "tomorrow" and "yesterday", "then" and "now", and variables including "should" and "someday" with absolutely no success.  It turns out, the WHEE-Spot can only be found when "here" intersects with "now"."

Those interested in finding their own WHEE-Spot are cautioned that ongoing practice is necessary, and that, once found, possible addictions to the WHEE-Spot may occur.  Symptoms of this addiction include deep peace, extended awareness, spontaneous smiles and offerings of kindness, insatiable curiosity, and overall feelings of awe for the experience of life.  Some flexibility may be required.

Research is ongoing as to the best ways to locate the WHEE-Spot, but for now, researchers advise interested parties to simply release expectations and stop looking.  "It appears", said one team member, "that you can't find the "here" and "now".  You simply have to experience it."

Sounds like WHEE to me.