Can We? Three Short Stories of Permission



My son came home from school the other day and saw me sweeping the floor.

His first question?

"Who is coming over??"



My husband happened to be off of work this morning, so he helped with getting the kids ready.  

Twenty minutes away from the bus arriving, I mentally ran over the things I needed to do.  Not wanting to place too much of a burden on him (as he was doing his own things), yet wanting to make sure I could do MY things...and our daughter could get on the bus on time, I made a decision.

Rushing past him in the hall, I almost apologetically said, 

"I'm going to hurry up and meditate for 10 minutes."



My kids are currently at two schools, one we've been with for years, the other, brand new this school year.

I've gone to the PTO meetings at our old school, the comfortable one.  A PTO meeting came up for the new school a few weeks ago.  I could have gone.  My schedule was free that night.

And yet, thinking about more commitments and the energy required to get to know others (a lot for this introvert in a BIG school environment)?  I couldn't bring myself to go.

When my kids asked why I'd changed my mind (though they were relieved we didn't have to go), I guiltily replied,

"Well, we just have too much to do this evening."



Why do I (and I'm guessing I'm not alone here), feel the need to present a clutter-free, dust-free, we-live-here-free environment for guests... so much so that my kids think the only time I clean this much is when we have people over?  

Why do I feel the need to be BUSY - or otherwise feel guilty for wasting time?  

Why do I feel the need to do it all - and guilty when I make SPACE a priority?


I know so much of it is my own faulty perception, but I think it would be a lot easier if we all worked together on this.

Let's do something simple, those of us who are blessed to be in these messy homes amidst hectic schedules, something to help us all breathe just a bit easier.



Can we give one another permission to have papers stacked on the counter and dust bunnies happily roaming the floors?

Can we give one another permission to slow down, to NOT need to use "busy" as an excuse, to allow others to help in this journey, to sit without "doing" anything?

Can we give one another permission to not be perfect parents or coworkers or bosses or entrepreneurs, but instead to be humans that are trying and yearning for the same sense of peace and happiness?


Can you give yourself permission?

Let's all try....