Choose Your Lane


I have a fairly routine pattern of driving on the highway.

I usually start off in the far right lane, going around 5 mph over the posted speed limit.  If there is any traffic around me, I am usually passed - sometimes at fairly high speeds.

I get anxious.

I want to go faster.

After all, everyone else is.  

I question my choice to stay in my lane (particularly if there is someone ahead of me going even slower than 5 mph over the speed limit).  

I see (or create) the reasons to go faster.  They overcome my reasons for driving in the far right lane.

I switch lanes.

I go faster.


I still get tailgated or passed by those wanting to go even faster.  

I start to feel anxious again.

I question why I'm in this lane.  

I work myself up and get overly-upset (usually at the other drivers).

I decide I've had enough of their insanity.

I switch lanes back to the right lane and resume my speed at 5 mph over the posted speed limit.


The cycle continues.


I find my own speed and notice the speed at which others are going.  I understand why they do.  Part of me wants to experience their speed.  I switch and get caught up.  I blame others until I remember I'm the one who made the choice in the first place.  I return to where I started.  

I find myself.  I see someone else and like their story.  I try it on, blame them if it doesn't work, remember I am responsible for my own life, and then return to where I started.

I remember, forget, and remember.


I am aware of this in my life.


I invite you to notice which lane you've chosen.

Without judgment....can you answer why?