Consider Yourself Lucky

I was in such a foul mood the other day.  Absolutely nothing seemed to be working.  Out of sheer exhaustion, I plopped onto our couch and looked out the window.


Five breaths later, I had a thought:

Consider yourself lucky that you are fortunate enough to worry about such things.


And you?  That dinner plans didn't work out or your idea didn't go viral?

Consider yourself lucky.

Even with those places that you don't want to go, those places that still hurt, those dark places where even I cry for you right now.  Perhaps a loved one is close to death, perhaps a relationship you never thought would end is hanging by a thread, perhaps your own physical pain is almost unbearable.

Take a deep breath.

Consider what it means that you are present for such things.


This isn't a glass half full-glass half empty kind of game.  It isn't thinking, "Oh well, THIS is happening but at least THAT isn't happening..."  Because eventually, THAT will happen.  

No, we're not trying to see the glass as half full.  We're cultivating gratitude that we even have a glass in front of us to contemplate.  

Take another breath.  Drop into your body.  Look up for a minute from your screen.  


Consider yourself lucky that you are fortunate enough to be here for such things.