Creating Amidst Impermanence

Everything is impermanent.  

This does not mean we should constantly mourn that everything is changing and fading and decaying, and throw up our hands in dispair.

Instead, we can see the delicate beauty in this precise moment of the cycle of creation and de-struction, as we see in the beauty of a photo that captures a moment that will never happen again.

We can contemplate the moments that were spent building such creations, efforts made even with the knowledge that the physical results of the efforts would eventually crumble.  

We can continue to create with the same blissful excitement that acknowledges nothing will last.  

Creating within the questions arising in this moment is much more important than clinging to answers that change and disappear as quickly as our creations.

We can breathe with the flow of all of this, grateful that we are a conscious part of it.