Creative Play with Chalk and Fire

Over the past few weeks, I've re-found my creative desires buried underneath a whole bunch of shoulds and expectations.  And I've been playing....

There is so much to share, but I wanted to start with this one to perhaps inspire you to think outside of the "art box".

I recently came across a product called "chalk paint", and decided to make my own at home before purchasing the commercially made variety.  I will do another post on how I did it, but know that this painting is done all with that homemade chalk paint.

You can see some of the texture here as the painting started:


I often hear artists talking about listening to their art, doing what it tells them to do.  I certainly was doing the same on this piece....although I had a slight fear that my art had masochistic tendencies.  Why?

After I was done with the paint (which spoke to me of fire bursting through water), the painting whispered, "Burn me."  

So I did.

(Photo credit goes to my husband!)

Each of the edges of the painting have been slowly (and yes, safely) burned.  I let the flame encroach a bit more in some areas (before blowing or stamping it out) to create more jagged edges.



This is the final piece:






You have so many materials at the ready.  Even if you don't have chalk and a fire extinguisher, you have crayons, or glue, or ketchup, or water, or your thoughts and a pencil, or your body!

What will you create today?