Creative Will

I think of "free will" or perhaps "creative will" as our ability to move within and outside of the flow.  The ability to experience it.  The divine (God, Goddess, the one, particle energy - whatever) flows with no knowledge/experience of itself - like wind in the air or water in a stream.

We are given the opportunity to swim in the waters, fly through the air with bodies.  We remain dependant upon & holding within us that water & air from which we originate - breath and pulsing fluids always reminding us of the flow.  We experience the sensual nature of life while embodying the divine.


"Creative will" allows us to step out of the stream, the flow, to settle onto the ground.  This is not "bad", rather, simply something that we are given to experience as well.  Suffering arises when we forget the water, the wind, believing it is just something that flows spearate from us - something that has no relevance to our being.

We stomp and struggle through the forests trying to carve a path, create machines to help us return to the sky and oceans, fight & squabble over whose path is better.  If we would just find our breath, feel the fluids pulsing through us, perhaps we would remember.

It is not that we must step out of the forests or away from our machines - simply that we must experience them.  The divine wishes to experience itself.  We wish to experience ourselves, our lives.  When we fully move into mindful experience, we will wish for nothing more.

We do not own nor dominate.  Separated from our breath & bodies, we will never understand the world in the way we deeply desire to understand it.  But connected to our breath, our body, our being - we feel.  (For indeed, the divine is always moving through us, whispering...)  

When we move back into the rhythm of flowing change instead of grasping our paths or averting from inner calls, we re-member.

The trees suddenly swing us through & soar us to their tops, the machines become play things instead of prisons.  

Have you not experienced the synchronous happenings - those moments that just make us tilt our head and furrow our brow in pleasant surprise - when we are "on"?  The people or things that just show up at the right moment?  Life flows with us when we allow our free-will, our creative natures - to PLAY & EXPERIENCE.

We again return to the flow, moving peacefully & exhilaratingly through this wondrous thing we call life.

Whatever roads you walk, streams you swim, or air you breathe....



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