Creatively Engaging Your Day

I flow in and out of this way of being - a way I am practicing making more commonplace.

It is a way of being in which I see everything as a creative possibility.

Leaves I'm walking past become collage elements, an empty chai box isn't trash - it's a flower holder(!), early morning tension with my son becomes an opportunity to hug him and discuss the benefits of sleep.


A new flower holder, courtesy of yet another emptied box of delicious chai concentrate.

This is such an enlivening way to be, and it is available every moment of every day.

And that's the thing...

it is available to all of us.  Every day.  Every moment.  Right now.

You may not get to choose those external circumstances.  (Or, if you believe in The Secret, maybe you can make that parking spot available...)  But you CAN choose how you engage with the moment.  How you respond, react, and most importantly, create.  It doesn't have to be "art" - it is your LIFE.  Your job, your mood, your home create it.  You decide what you do with the circumstances, materials, and moments that are handed to you.

You determine your state of being in this world.

Every moment.


Choose wisely.