Don't Listen To Me.

There is so much advice out there.  Even mine.


And my, the things we believe.  Oh, how we all listen.

We might listen to that which tells us to differently that we are already doing.  Because, of course, what you're doing isn't working otherwise you wouldn't be seeking advice.  And if the advice tells you do to differently than what you are doing - then of course that must be the answer!

Or, we cling to that which tells us that we are on the right path.  We nod our head and share and tweet it wildly so everyone know WE are in the right and that others definitely agree.  (You might as well agree too.)


Of course,....


NEVER give away your art for free.  Donate your art, your voice.

Believe that you are enough.  Believe you can always be better, stronger, faster, smarter.

Dance in the rain.  Stay inside and stay dry.

Be right.  Be kind.

Be happy with what you have.  Never settle.

Use Instagram.  Don't bother.

Use Pinterest.  Stay far, far away from Pinterest.

Quit your job and live the life of your dreams.  Stay in your job and make it work.

Blog.  Don't waste your time.

Start listening.  Don't listen. 


Read this.

Believe me.


Or don't.