Embrace Your Crazy

It was still dark outside, but I could see my breath as I walked the kids to the school bus.

This is crazy.  I AM CRAZY.


I'd been certain (once again) that there was no way I was running this morning.  Yet I decided to put on my running gear.  And then I had to put on shoes to get to the bus, so I grabbed my running shoes...and my headphones (you know, just in case).

Waiting for the bus, bouncing around to keep my kneecaps from freezing, all I could think is I am crazy.  This is purely nuts.

The bus arrived and left.  I started walking.

And then I ran.  I ran to the beat of the thoughts in my head, this is crazy.  I am crazy.  I am crazy.

My phone (brought with me for the GPS tracking) was so cold that I was getting the message, "Can't use flash due to cold weather".  (Sadly I'm not kidding.)  This is crazy.

Step after step, my body started warming up.  The sun started peeking through the trees and falling on the frozen leaves at my feet.  My smile started to wake up.

This is crazy.  *thump, thump*  This is crazy.

One mile.  Two miles.  I am crazy.  

 Huge hill.  A deer, bounding away from me but pausing to see why I was laughing.  I am crazy.

 Four miles.

Hell yeah, I AM CRAZY!!!!!!


It feels awesome to embrace it.


Tell me below - what are you going to do to embrace your crazy today?