Encaustic Waves of Reflection

I am moving into a meditative harmony with the art that I'm creating.

Not that it happens all the time....but when it does, the piece continues to resonate with me long after I have applied the last color.  

This is one of those.


Untitled, 12x12, encaustic on birch panel

This piece is all encaustic (wax) and deliciously textured.  It was created with arched application after arched application.  Swoops of meditative movements melted into one another.


Photo of texture of painting-in-progress (before silver application)

I began with the idea of the sea, taken into a harmonious soul-state by deep colors and beautiful music.

After the broader applications, I spent a few hours filling in the spaces-in-between where the wood still showed through.  Using a shimmering silver wax, I lost myself in the piece...in a sea of creative doing and being.  

The finished piece still sings to me of dancing waves, but I can certainly see other perspectives as well.  (My husband said it is like driving on a snowy night.)  That's what I love about art -- you bring yourself into it.

If you would like to share your thoughts - what you see in the piece - I would love to hear.  Simultaneously, one of my favorite reactions I receive from my work is a silent reflection - where the viewer is taken into meditative awareness beyond words.

Exactly where I was when I created it.