Everything And The Kitchen Sink

I have a lot of clutter in my life.

My garage is filled with stuff that shouldn't have made it here from the last move 6 years ago.

My mind is filled with thoughts that have echoed from memories long gone.

My body is filled with things that tasted oh-so-good on the tongue but are oh-so-toxic to my insides.

And I won't even mention my art area.


It becomes overwhelming each time I think about where I should start.  I know many of these things need to go.  I know that I'd feel so much better once they were gone.  

Last week, I cleaned the kitchen sink.  Since then, I'm like a sink nazi - NOTHING gets left in that sink.  Dishes are immediately cleaned or put into the dishwasher, crumbs are brushed into the disposal.  Yes, it's just the kitchen sink.  But that sink has stayed beautifully spotless.  (It's amazing how happy that makes me each time I see it.)


And I've noticed that the counter area around the sink has looked a bit cleaner as well.  A shiny sink cries out for a beautiful surround, so I've been wiping off the counter tops after our meals.

And the habit of putting a dish away has somehow transferred to the bedrooms, where clothes are finding their way to the hamper.  (I'll admit - I haven't checked under my son's bed yet.  But at least his floor is clean...)


My garage, studio area, and mind are all still cluttered.  But dish by dish, sock by sock, I am creating a habit of putting things where they belong and not adding to the clutter.  

As with one thing, so with all things.

Yes, it is only the kitchen sink.  But, standing in front of the faucet with dish in hand, the kitchen sink is everything.

This thing you are getting ready to do?  It is how you will do all things.

So just clean the darn dish.