Facebook or Twitter? Waltz or Tango?

When we begin to question not only what is "right" and "wrong", but even if there is a "right" or "wrong", life becomes vastly mysterious, confusing, and exciting.


Organic food or local?

Facebook or Twitter?

Comfort your child or let her cry it out?

Worry about "followers" or simply create the art?

Words or pictures?

Stay or leave?

Walk or run?

Healthy weight or Healthy attitude?

Move through the pain or rest?

Cereal or eggs?

Money or Integrity?

War or Peace?

Be right or be kind and let them win?

White couch or Green?

Stay up late or wake up early?

Change or accept?



Explore those questions above that caught your attention.  Take note of any more questions that arise in your thoughts.  

Notice the feelings in your stomach and your breath as you choose one option (or as you try to create your own).  Now try choosing the other and notice the feelings that arise.

I think that often we choose the answer that makes us feel emotionally comfortable - even if that means temporarily overlooking the consequences of our choice.  

I think that often we think there is an answer out there.

I think that often we over-think and over-analyze - using logic instead of the flow of intuition.

I think that often we try to find and justify OUR answer by spewing all sorts of irrelevant research and text into the world.


I think that right now I may be guilty of doing just that. 


This is my dance.

When releasing right and wrong, only the dance remains.  


I never know the next step so I just move.

Sometimes I think of shoulds.  Sometimes I become frozen with fear.  What if this isn't safe?  What about money?  Sometimes I forget my own dance.  I observe you or him or her and I want that or definitely don't want that.  

I am tripping over my own two feet.

There is only the dance.


Breathe on.