Fear or Fly

You know those troubles that you are getting ready to take with you into a perfectly good weekend?

Yeah, those.

May I propose something else for you on which to fixate?

What if instead of feeling overwhelmed by the energy around you (for all things are indeed energy - even the job loss, the car troubles, the relationship issues)

and fearing it

You fly into it with a graceful ease?

(Being afraid is still ok.  No matter how freeing it feels, flying can still be scary.)

And what if you didn't have to do a single thing differently?  What if all you had to do was change your perspective?

You still do the laundry, look for the job, contemplate how to pay the bills while not draining your soul, eat and sleep.

You just see things a bit differently.  Perhaps with a bit more humility or gratitude or love.

And I promise - when you become aware of things in a different perspective, your life will never be the same.


May you fly into this weekend with a peaceful ease.



Lisa Wilson6 Comments