Feeling Art

This is what I love about art.

A few nights ago, I attended a talk / workshop at our library.  The presenter, John Deakyne, gave us a brief overview of traditional and "new" Shamanism, then lead us into a mini-Shamanic Breathwork journey.  It was a fascinating 2 hours.

I won't share what I experienced in my journey, at least not yet.  I am still processing it, and sharing it before I have done so is like offering you the cake I've not yet baked.

But this....


This is the beauty of art.

This is a simple painting I did in my art journal that represents the images of my journey.  It doesn't look like much, depending on which eyes you are using to see it. 

As I look at it, I fall into it.  I don't see a page with black and white paint.  I FEEL tidal waves of emotion.

It really isn't that impressive as a product.  But as a process?  As a microcosm of the Story?  It is magical, enough to bring tears.

And this is what I love about art.  Whether it is painting, dancing, drawing, writing, folding a shirt, or breathing, art is about the experience.

What might appear on the outside, as a result, is of secondary concern.

It is about how we feel what we experience.  It is how we wander through and in and out of this moment....not what path we are taking to do so.

It might be an expression of pain or mystery, of a memory or a dream, of confusion or enlightened clarity.  Whatever it is, it IS.  And within that Is-ness is unspeakable beauty.  There is art.