Find One Thing

Sometimes life gets rough.

Sometimes our day doesn't go the way we want it to.

Sometimes all we want to do is crawl back and bed and stop this onslaught of "have-to's".


But life goes on.  And so do we.


Yes, we can whine our way through our days.  Sometimes that is what it takes.  But if things are ever to change - if we are ever to find more energy, more excitement, more peace with our days - then we need to change.  Something.  Anything.  

Usually it means a change of attitude.

Adding a bit of gratitude.


This is a big task, a life-long one.  To start, find a thing.  ONE thing.  One simple thing that makes you smile.  

Then take a breath and carry on.

Today, this is my one thing.  

(My daughter heard this song somewhere unbeknownst to me, and just belted out this line one afternoon.)



Lisa Wilson3 Comments