Find The Answer In Your Breath

Please note: As part of the Wild Elephant Project and attempts to live mindfully, I am on a media fast this week.  Posts that are appearing here have been pre-scheduled.  If you leave any comments, please know I will get back to you - however, it will be at the end of the week.  Thank you for your understanding!


One breath in, One breath out.

Find answers to life's questions right here.

In, pause, out, pause.

Unsure about staying with your job?  Don't know how to respond to that hateful attack?  Can't decide what's for dinner?  Worried about where you'll find the money?

One breath in, One breath out.

Notice the flow.  Observe the pause.  

Become aware of your influence.  You can shorten or deepen it.  You can swim in the pause, drink in the oxygen, fully release what is no longer needed through your exhale.  Or you can hyperventilate or stop it completely (temporarily, of course).

Or ignore it and become aware of what happens beyond your influence.  The breath continues.

One breath in, one breath out.

This breath, this moment.

It is all we have and all we need.


Final answer.