Finding Peace

Note: choosing peace, I leave the formatting of this blog post as is.  For some reason it wants to be this way this morning and I do not have the time nor do I choose to direct the energy to fix it.  Off to my appointment I go, releasing tension over this....and apologizing to you for possible difficulties in reading.

Picture taken early morning with my phone near our house
"To be peaceful and calm.  To live a long time with a good life, possibly attaining a little grace en route.  Now there's your answer.  ...That's why we play Tai Chi Chuan."
~Return To Stillness, Trevor Carolan
I've never done Tai Chi.  (One of those things I will soon, I'm sure)
But in the early morning, warm air blowing on my face, during a chance encounter with a grazing community of deer, I found calm and peace.
Tai Chi helps, I'm sure.  As does yoga, or meditation, or prayer, or painting, or running, or....
But peace and calm, even grace, is not something that is found outside of you and learned only through practice.  Those practices certainly make it easier and more likely that you will be aware of and return to that state of being.
But that peace we all crave?
Take a breath in, a long deep one.  Feel the place from where the breath arises.  There is where your peace is.  Always there, waiting for you to choose it.