For Us: One Bead At A Time

I did something a bit different in my meditation today.  It involves you.


Using my mala, I repeated with each inhale, "Breathe in understanding" and with each exhale, "Breathe out love".

Midway through, I switched and did, "Breathe in love" and "Breathe out understanding".


This was for me.  It was for my husband.  It was for my children, and it was for you.


Understanding is the logical side, the part that keeps my mind appeased.  Understanding we are all suffering, that we all want to be happy, that your day is just as challenging and as promising as mine is, that right now, you are just as confused as I am.  Understanding we are all connected.

Love is the feeling side.  It has no words, but can be felt just as deeply as the inhale that rushes into my body.  It isn't a woo-woo or scientific attempt at defining and knowing - It is the very real experience of connection.


Eventually, the meditation just became turning one bead after the next, breath being the only accompaniment.

Breath being the only thing that was.


This is for me.  For my husband.  For my children.

For you.