Forgetting and Remembering (The Story Behind It All: Part 6)

This is the final post, part 6, in a series. "The Story Behind It All" introduces the stories leading up to the creation of the new BeingBreath offering, which will be shared in just a few days from now. I'm taking you along the process and introducing some new contemplations along the way! 

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Over the past two weeks, I've been sharing aspects of learning and mindful practices. From investment to integration and going groundless to being playfully deep, we've looked at more traditional ways of learning through classes to embodied ways of learning through experience.

A quick recap: 

Part 1: Going Groundless was a reminder that one small step in the vastness of our uncertainties can make all the difference.

Part 2: Integration was a invitation to integrate learning with the mundane, daily-doings of your life.

Part 3: To Pay Or Not To Pay explored getting the most out of an investment (not limited to money!) when what you put in breaks out of your comfort zonand getting the greatest return when what you are aiming for is aligned with your deepest values.

Part 4: Honoring What Is encouraged a practice of being mindfully present with all of your roles in life through acknowledging What Is and through releasing shoulds and expectations.


Part 5: Serious Play guided you into recognizing and practicing in the depths and light-hearted playfulness in every moment.


There is an underlying theme here, an unstated question that asks:


How do you want to live?



Do you WANT to feel alive? Do you want to feel present with your experiences, or does that not matter to you? Are you ok with sleepwalking through life as long as you survive it all?

If you want to feel more alive, mindfully present, and ease-fully engaged with your experiences, what are you willing to do about it? Are you willing to take responsibility for self-awareness, and to do the practices necessary to maintain it? Are you ready to be groundless, to let go of what you thought you knew? 


If these questions awaken something within you, a stirring that you can't ignore, then your first task is to REMEMBER that feeling.

Again and again, to remember that you want to feel ALIVE.

You decide each day how to explore that, how to bring those feelings of ease and depth and courage into your life. But you must remember that you want to feel that way.

Because in our current structures, it is so easy to forget. It is easy to get caught in the pursuit of money (if only to stay caught up with bills), or to be wound up in paths that someone else designed.


We automate instead of create and collapse instead of refresh.

And we forget what it is to feel deeply ALIVE, to be mindfully present with a conversation or a sip of tea.


There are ways to remember and there are ways to practice.

And this....THIS is what I want to offer to you.


Next week, I will be sharing a unique program that I've been designing for nearly a year now. I don't want any of this to be a sales pitch. I just want it to be a way for me to bring my passion to you who wants to feel alive. That's it.  

I want us ALL to remember what it feels like to be present with this miraculous moment. I want us to practice, again and again and again until it just becomes the way that we live.

All of these concepts I've explored are bumps I've run into, lessons I've learned, experiences I've had and reflected upon with others and through meditation. I've taken practical steps to change those things that were no longer working for me, and found ways to study and to remember how to take the lessons from just information into ways of being.

These ways haven't fit into a traditional way of living, nor would they fit into a traditional model of teaching. I love that I've found ways to make mindfulness work in the midst of a kid-filled, schedule-crammed, emotional-roller-coaster of a day. I love that my life is a crazy mish-mash of roles with a fluid, unifying awareness that flows through it all. And I love that I get to pass all of this along to you.


I will spill all of the unique and juicy details of this program early next week, but I will let you know now that I have decided that for this initial run, I will only be able to accept 20 participants. This is not to create some icky artificial demand. It will become more clear why when I describe the program, but I want to make sure that the 20 who join on this path are able to get the most out of it...and that means making sure I can devote attention to each person when help is needed.

This is just a "heads up" so that if you are interested, you can be sure to watch your inbox next week for the announcement. (If you aren't signed up for the newsletter, you can do so HERE.)


I will be returning to regular wisdom-filled posts (or at least funny or intriguing stories, art shares, creativity-inducers, and obligatory pics of my kiddos) next week. 

I am DEEPLY excited to share with you the offering that these stories have been leading up to.



And since you've made it this far, a little bonus: Have you noticed the photos at the top of each post over the past 2 weeks? Each one is a hint - a direct photo - of something that is included in this program. :) Have fun reviewing...