Get What You Need Through Awareness

Again, large pauses in posts.  So much going on in life, so much on which to reflect, so much space that is necessary to protect.


I've been creating (working on a single painting right now for Art Every Day Month - will share this soon),

running (we did our first family-run-day this weekend, with my son completing his first 5K and my daughter, her first 1-mile fun run),

viewing ("I Am" by Tom Shadyac - watched twice in 24 hours; awareness completely altered by the energy of the documentary)

reflecting, journaling, eating, sleeping, and living.


Throughout it all, I've maintained my awareness --  a kind of "third party" existence that observes what I am doing and how I am feeling, and does so without judgment.  It is that awareness in which "I" rest in my peaceful moments, that awareness that guides life-in-flow.


Existing through this awareness, I find less moments of guilt, fewer moments of "shoulds".  It is accepting what is and not craving for something else.

An example:  I had to make snacks for my daughter's preschool.  Last night, I was still achy from the run and wanting to do nothing else but paint.  

Through awareness, I realized I was tired (needing to move slowly) and longing to be creatively expressing.

So I did just that.

Instead of throwing the snacks in a bag, I took each one out and laid it on the counter.  Slowly, mindfully, I cut ribbons and tied each snack together.

The kids get a fun "gift snack" tomorrow, and I?  

Well I got exactly what I needed.

Instead of fighting what was, I recognized what needed to be done and what I wanted to be done...and did both.


You know, there will always be something else you could be doing or you should be doing or something else you want to be doing.  You and I both will forget the lessons I learned last night, and fall into the trap again of wanting something more or something different.

But I invite us both, again, to return to the awareness that is always present.  Whether you are running, eating, painting, grieving, parenting, cleaning, or tweeting, what is happening right now holds everything you need.