Gratitude, A Guest Post, and a Giveaway!

What if gratitude is a way of being in abundance,

a recognition that we always have enough,

that we always are enough? 

(In fact, that we are more  than enough.) 


Today I am honored to be guest posting over at Bliss Habits.  (If you are venturing over here from there, WELCOME!)

I invite you over to Bliss Habits to read more about my exploration of gratitude.  For those unfamiliar with the site (*gasp*), Kathy explores 13 different virtues - including gratitude, creativity, order and more - related to Bliss (one per week).  From delicious posts of her own to wonderful invited guests, her site explores the concepts and practical ways to experience BLISS through practices in the virtues.  (Learn more about the reason behind all of this and more about Kathy HERE.)

Kathy is the real deal - a kind-hearted soul exploring the world and sharing her stories with the rest of us.  

This week is Gratitude week at Bliss Habits and I am thrilled to be able to add my voice to the discussion.




Filled with gratitude?  Ready to take the next step?  Just looking for the giveaway?

Continue on.... 


The Next Step


Two kinds of gratitude:  The sudden kind we feel for what we take;

the larger kind we feel for what we give.

~Edwin Arlington Robinson


I invite you to take the next step beyond reading these words.  I invite you into experience. 

Practices like gratitude journals or thanking those with whom you interact can be beneficial.  But in the spirit of oneness, I invite you to experience the gratitude of another.  The next step?


Do something for someone else that might make them feel grateful.

We’re not getting attached to the outcome here, so if they don’t express thanks – don’t worry about it!  You are simply offering an invitation to experience gratitude.

This can be a small act or a large one.  Offer a dollar to a child in a store.  Invite someone into a discussion and truly listen – offer them the opportunity to be seen and heard.  Hide a favorite quote in a library book for the next patron.  The possibilities are endless.

Share what you did in the comments section of this post.

Read what others have done.  Celebrate the kindness that is being spread in the world and the possible experiences of gratitude that are being lived.


I will pick one winner at random from all of the acts of shared gratitude

next Wednesday, April 11th

The winner will receive a 6x6 print of my recent encaustic work, Gratitude.

(You can enter TWICE - once by leaving a comment HERE and once by leaving a comment on my guest post over at Bliss Habits.)


Gratitude, 6x6, Encaustic on wood panel


Gratitude is a reminder of the radiant peace that is at our core.  Even in swirling confusion, even amidst tremendous fear of not having or being enough, even at the bottom of this seemingly endless pit of "not enough" is that peaceful light.  When we strengthen our awareness of that center of being, we become free to make choices that reflect that nature. 


Now go.  Be grateful.