Happy Celebrations

Today my husband and I celebrate 11 years of marriage.

Yep - that was us 11 years ago.  We look so young!!

It is tempting to start to reflect, to think about everything that has changed and some of the things that have stayed the same.  But that would be a book's worth of stories.

It is tempting to discuss romance and how it has blossomed, died, and been resurrected several times over the course of our relationship.  But Kathy over at Bliss Habits has done a great job of exploring romance this week.  I think I'll leave the reflection on romance to her.

What we do today is celebrate today.  We are going to head to the Y and swim (part of the training for the upcoming triathlon).  Hubby is going to "Dudes and Donuts" at my son's school.  We will leave the kids with grandparents tonight and enjoy a dinner with just the two of us.  

We will not try to make today anything more than it is - striving for some perfect schedule or over-the-top celebration, nor will we ignore it and just pretend it is just another day.  We will make it a day of celebrating not only what has been and what might be...but what IS.

And this delights me more than anything else.  Because in recognizing that today is special, we have an opportunity to realize that the next day is special.  (11 years and 1 day - back to the Y!  more donuts please!  another special dinner? -Why yes, thank you!)  

It is the recognition that we have every reason to celebrate and to make this mindful celebration of our lives a daily practice.  It is indeed special that we have been together for 11 years.  It is also worth celebrating that we've had more fights than we can count, amazing adventures, near-relationship-ending issues, two beautiful children, financial troubles and spiritual disagreements.  It is worth celebrating that we have dishes in the sink off which we can eat, a hand to hold as we walk down the street, feet and legs healthy enough to carry us on that walk.

This 11 years has taught both of us more than we ever could have imagined.  I cannot speak for him, but I know that it has taught me love.  Not just love for my husband and for our family, but love for the lives we lead and for the blessings we have.

So today - yes, I celebrate 11 years of marriage and my husband.  (Happy Anniversary hubby!  two kisses....)  But I also celebrate May 27th, 2011.  I celebrate the cold water of the pool, the feel of the air on my face, and the luxury of the food I will eat.

I celebrate it all.