Happy ....Now.

I had a far more wordy and complicated post written for this all-important-first-post-of-the-new-year.

And I just deleted it all.


I want you to EXPERIENCE this.  

This moment.  

This sense of being, wherever you are.

And all of those words I wrote just took us both into thinking about it, not experiencing it.

So let's experience this moment together  -  across distance and time, but within the same breath.

Need guidance?

FEEL your body, your being.  Sense the movement of your breath.  Listen intently to the sounds around you.  Inhale the scents.  Taste what lingers on your tongue.

Imagine you are coming into this body, this environment, these thoughts for the first time. Indulge in them with a curious wonderment.


Beyond intentions and resolutions and words-of-the-year, this is what I wish for all of us:

To be here, experiencing with an ease of breath, creative engagement, open awareness, and sense of wonder whatever might be happening in this moment.

So happy 2014.

Happy January.

Happy now.

May you experience the flow of breath in this moment and in each moment in which you are blessed to be alive.