Hold On or Let Go


How hard we try to hold on.


We try to hold onto this moment, this belief, this dream, this age.

We try to hold onto this fear, too.  We believe it has kept us safe this far so we might as well keep on keepin' on.

We hold onto our friends, our social networks, our romantic partner, our parents, our images of who they are.

We hold onto our shoulds and our "this-I-know"s and our ways of brushing our teeth.

We hold onto books we'll never read and jeans we'll never fit into again.

We hold onto self-labels that we've outgrown more than those jeans.


We hold on even as the social networks disband, the jeans fray-away, this age passes and our parents pass too.


Life flows, things change.  

Hold on or let go.

You or death will eventually release your grip.

It just depends on how you want to live.