How Do You Experience Stillness?

I have recently become re-enthralled with stillness.  Silence.  Just being, observing, experiencing.

Perhaps it is because those times feel lacking in my life that I crave them so much.  (And I become even more frustrated when I remember that all I need to do to just be just be.  Annoying little catch, isn't it?)

Reminders have been appearing in my life recently.  Things like John Cage's 4'33" (video here) or Sigur Ros and many of their videos (I particularly like this one.).


While taking out the recycling last night, I looked up.  A few bats flitted around but little else.  In the spirit of encouraging us all to be in this stillness (even when things aren't still), I let my video camera share the time with me.

5 minutes, 11 seconds.  I just recorded what I was watching and hearing.  Nothing fancy, but everything miraculous.  The video will play for you, but the video isn't the important part.

Your experience during this 5 minutes and 11 seconds?

That's what matters.

Night Sky from Lisa Wilson on Vimeo.



Did you watch the whole thing?  (Be honest.)  What did you experience?  Were you bored?  Restless?  Annoyed?  Intrigued?  Distracted?  Peaceful?  

How are you feeling now? we do one thing is how we do all things.


May you have a beautiful, peaceful matter how noisy it is.