How To Deal With A Monday

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If thinking about your day depresses you, then just think about this moment.  Feel the breath as it enters your nostrils, the way the backs of your legs feel against the seat.

If thinking about this moment depresses you, then think about your life.  The grand scope, those who love you, the accomplishments behind, the possibilities ahead.

Change your perspective.


But eventually, you will need to allow yourself to become de-pressed - completely pushed out of everything that you have left.  This will happen to all of us, regardless of choice, as we exhale our final breath.  But those who are fortunate will find this moment before death.

It is in allowing ourselves into this painful darkness, releasing all that we pretend keeps us alive, that we empty ourselves of all being. 

We open ourselves fully to the next experience, the next inhale.

Completely emptied, we are able to be completely filled.