I AM Working, Damn It!

Since when does WORK have to be draining?

Who said that WORK has to be soul-sucking, busy-looking, time-filling chores?  Did that same person declare that if you are NOT in this boring, exhausted state that what you are doing CAN'T possibly be work?

And why are we all listening to that?

I consider my time painting with wax, building and sustaining honest relationships online, and time spent in nature as part of my Work.  I enjoy it all.  

But there are those voices inside me that claim that this can't possibly be work.  And there are those voices around me (plenty of them) that support those fears.

Work is the "business stuff".  It's the stuff I'm not supposed to like doing, but that I do anyway because "that's what needs to be done to succeed, to be REAL about all of this".  It's the stuff I'm supposed to sigh and complain about  and empathize with everyone else about as we trudge through yet another day of IT.  

If I'm not suffering, I must be just playing.  


SERIOUSLY?  What in the hell are we doing to ourselves?  

Think about it.  If we are supposed to work to get anything accomplished, but we are supposed to suffer (or at least not 100% enjoy) our work, then aren't we either condemning ourselves to laziness or suffering?

It's time for a change of attitude.

I don't think we need to necessarily work less.  I think we need to enjoy more.  (En-joy.  Put yourself into joy.  It is a choice.) Yes, if you are chained to your desk and leave your office only to pee and sleep, you might need to rethink that time you are putting in.

For the rest of us, how about enjoying what we are doing right here, right now?  

Try it.

If you can't find happiness in what you are doing right now, it is going to be hard to find happiness in anything you do in the future.  (Regardless how much nicer the grass on the other side of the fence looks)

There will be things that we do that aren't all glitter and glam.  We won't always hear birds singing around us while rainbow raindrops fall on our heads.  But with a change in perspective, maybe with a little gratitude, even the most mundane and previously boring of tasks becomes an opportunity to exist with joy and happiness in our hearts.

No suffering required.


Now.  Back to work.