In Love

I recently fell in love.

My husband understands.  Truth be told, he's hoping this affair might benefit us both.

This's a deep one.  She whispered softly to me at first, but now has swept me off my feet, dancing me into new worlds and ways of living.

I don't often refer to her (she's quite shy and fickle, and tends to hide when acknowledged).  But today, I make an exception - hoping she'll understand.

The past few days, we have been intimately together.  I pick up a brush, she guides its strokes.  I begin to ponder, she laughs and cracks a joke.  I worry, she smiles.  Ah the ways she has of making me disappear into us....

Together, we created this.


The Gift, 11X15, acrylic on watercolor paper

I can do little but wonder at how she moved this through me - and how I allowed myself to get out of her way.  So often I want to be the one who creates.

I am perhaps most seduced by the texture.  Layers of sensual delights waiting to be explored with eyes or fingers.... can I not be drowning in love with the muse that allowed this to be?

I dare not read too much into it lest she scoffs at my attempts and decides to leave.  So, taking her lead,

I simply create and experience.

This must be the road less-travelled because yes, it has made all of the difference.  

Heart-in-heart I walk with her, down this road away from the leering shoulds and cat-calling fears.  Don't think for a minute that I still don't hear them.  Don't think for a minute that I don't break away from her every once in awhile to run to them.  

But she waits, patiently, knowing that once I have felt the blissful union with her love...I cannot help but return.




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