It's My Birthday!


A true party animal does not just have his cake and eat it...he wears it too.

Yep - it is officially my birthday.  I'm not one of those who dreads getting older.  I love that I have another year of wisdom and experiences to celebrate!

Perhaps you can understand why I'm going to keep this post short.  I have a lot of celebrating to do.  (Said celebrations include finishing laundry and the kids' school open house, amongst other wild and crazy things.)


If you are anything like me, birthdays (like New Years Eve) bring up almost forced reflection.  We're reminded of this thing called "time" and that we, like all other living beings, are impermanent.  If we are lucky, we too will someday be as old as our parents were when we called them "old".

But, like I said, I don't get depressed by this.  Why?  Because this moment is all that matters.  Birthday or unbirthday, New Years Eve or a random day in September, this moment is the only one we have.  Time is how we measure what happens outside of this moment, but the rich and beautiful experience of living doesn't happen anywhere but this moment.

What you do in this moment determines what will happen in the next moment.  But the next moment isn't important, because it will never arrive.  Don't get caught up in living for it.  But don't get caught up in this moment, because it is already gone.

How's that for something on which to reflect??


And, as a little gift-wrapped present for you, I have a tiny little announcement (yes, I'm sort of sneaking in here with this - no big fanfare):

The Encaustic Experience: Beginner's Mind will be offered again starting October 11th!

Enrollment will open sure to keep watching here, OR leave a comment below if you want to be added to a special mailing list to be notified of the early-bird discount!!

The feedback from the first class was AMAZING - I'm honored to have journeyed with such creative souls and I can't wait to do it again!



I'm off to celebrate (in many ways)!!  Join me, won't you?  (And if anyone asks you why you are celebrating, just tell them it's my birthday.  They'll understand.)