Just Making It Through The Day

Do you know this thoughts?:


Let me just make it through this.  I can relax tonight.  It's almost 5:00.  It's almost quitting time.  It's almost time to get up.  He can't cry forever.  Ten more years and I can retire.  Our next house will be perfect.  Next year, I'll be in shape and ten pounds lighter.  Let me just make it through this day.


I do.

Every day, I know one or more of these feelings.


And yet....  

My suffering arises because I think I'm supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else, instead of experiencing what is going on right here, right now.


Think about it.

It's a safe bet that you are stressed over something right now.  Money, a relationship, serious illness of a family member, death, global issues, personal health issues...  Me too.

These things hurt.  They push on our chest.  They bring tears.

But they don't need to bring suffering.

Knowing the difference between the pain and the suffering is a step towards peace.


May we all continue to know, to remember.

Right here, right now.




p.s. I'm excited to announce that tomorrow I'll have a guest at LifeUnity!  Stay tuned...  (and yes, know this while in this moment) :)