Knowing The Unknown

Please note: As part of the Wild Elephant Project and attempts to live mindfully, I am on a media fast this week.  Posts that are appearing here have been pre-scheduled.  If you leave any comments, please know I will get back to you - however, it will be at the end of the week.  Thank you for your understanding!


We harm ourselves when we believe knowing is only a mental process.

When we use logic, we create and explore structure.  We hypothesize, test, and conclude.  We define.  We either know (the equation, how to sautee, the way to fill out that form, the names of the muscles, etc) or we don't know.  

This type of knowing allows us to agree that that shape is a tree and that the purple medicine will alleviate the cough.

But this type of knowing is limited.  It can't provide medicine for a heart broken by lost love.  It can't tell us the conversation of the trees.


Image of the full moon, taken by me a few nights ago

We can continue to pursue the knowing of structure and logic.  It is a fascinating pursuit of information.  But it is critical to our survival to explore other ways of knowing.  To shift away from the belief that one way of knowing is superior to another.  To allow our collective time and funding to reflect this new, non-judgmental attitude.

There is knowing beyond logic.  It is felt.  We might not be able to explain it.

But it is a knowing that reminds us who we are.

And now more than ever, it is a knowing we MUST remember.