Leave My Diet Coke Alone.

Did you know diet soda is bad for you?

Did you know that less than 7 hours of sleep at night can be detrimental to your health?

Did you know that you can cause troubles for your circulation by crossing your legs?

Did you know that you are supposed to work out - but at least for 30 minutes a day?  No, now it is 60 minutes a day.  And do weights.  Or it is all pointless.


Yeah.  Me too.


I still drink diet soda.  I'm lucky to get 7 hours of continuous sleep.  I have my legs crossed right now.  And I work out.  Not for 60 minutes a day.


My facebook feed is filled with reminders of all of these things.  As if I didn't know, I see reminders of how the diet soda eats away at my insides and photos of what I should STOP doing, what I should start doing, what I should NEVER do, and what I should already be doing.

(Including reminders of how I shouldn't be on Facebook so much.)

The thing is, the intentions behind all of these reminders are positive.  We want to be healthy, and we want each other to be healthy.  Many people might not know that they actually need sleep or that diet soda really isn't much better than regular soda.

But for those of us who do know, it creates anxiety to be reminded of what we know but aren't ready to do.

We are constantly told to be different, to do differently (except when we are told to BE just as we are...which is different than we are doing right now, so...)


I have a sign on my mantel at home.


Regardless of how many times I read or hear in my head that what I'm doing isn't the healthiest nor the best for my well-being, I must remember - every moment is a decision.  

No right, no wrong, just a decision and consequences.


As I allow that for myself, I practice allowing the same for others.

And I humbly implore you to take on this practice as well.


Crap.  I just realized I'm out of my diet coke.