Lessons From The First Day of School

What more is there to want than this? 

Such excitement for the first day of school.  He ate breakfast while wearing his backpack.


Second grade holds the promise of ... what?  New friends?  New topics?

Perhaps it does not matter what.  All it matters is that there is promise.  Promise of change, of something new, of something different.  


There is something to be explored and experienced.

He...we...are invited to do what we've been called to do all along: explore life.

Can you remember this excitement?  Perhaps you have experienced it more recently on the eve of a vacation or while preparing for a night out.  I like to refer to it as the "what if" factor.  We don't know what is going to happen...there are only "what if..."s.  

Each day, what if we woke with this same question: What if....?  What if we approached life with this same awareness: Knowing that there is something to be explored, learned, experienced?

To my son: Happy first day of school. 

To you: Happy day.