Let The Cup Spill

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I love pictures on a blog.  The colors, the softness or the boldness, the meanings, the nature or the expression-painted faces...

I've been meaning to get more photos up here.  Yesterday I was looking through some trying to find ones I wanted to share.  Huge visions of a beautiful blog returning to this site...

Apparently, I was too focused on the photos.  Somewhere in my excitement, I knocked over a cup of paint water onto our wireless keboard.  

After several hours of drying, the keyboard works...but in its own unique way.  Typing "b" makes "B4" or b5" appear, for example.  Kind of like typing - with an attitude.

So...plans get a bit rearranged.  (I'm typing this on our laptop.)  Yes, I know I shouldn't have had the cup that close to the keyboard.  What can I say - I like to live dangerously.

But we will all have those moments (again and again) where the cup spills.  Where something unexpected happens that changes our plans, causes hassle, possibly hits us in the gut of our bank account, throws our "schedule" into a tizzy.

We are given so many opportunities to practice staying balanced in our lives.  So you can't afford yoga class?  No time to meditate?  Gave up running when your knee went out?

Try knocking over red wine on your light-colored carpet.  See how balanced you can stay then.  Find your breath.  Use your core as you kneel around on hands and knees delicately wiping the spill.  Feel the pressure on your hands, inhale the aromas, listen for the soft swish.  

Hopefully pictures will return soon.

Until then, I hope you'll join me in continuing our practice.


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